How to Use Pinterest For SEO

What a time to be alive, isn’t it? Social Media has taken the word by surprise and instead of merely focusing on connecting with people, it has become a  stage for improving a business’s brand image, SEO game and traffic. Pinterest today, is one of the most used platforms to buy, search and check out products and services. Many Digital gurus call it a catalogue to find style inspiration, DIY inspiration and a source to save “grandma’s” recipe. According to a digital survey an estimate of 6...
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How To Run An Instagram Ad

Instagram adds-01
Instagram is a very popular application among many people no matter what age group, gender or occupation. This medium is simple to use- just click on it, scroll up and down and like or comment on whichever post you want. According to many online posts, this application is highly used by working professionals at 11 am or when they are bored and need a break from their hectic work schedule. Though this app was initially started just to let people blow off steam or cool off,  it has introduce...
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Why Should Your Site Be Mobile Friendly

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  There are numerous Smartphone users all around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Germany, France, Atlanta or Kansas everyone is a proud owner of a Smartphone and because surfing the net on the phone has become fairly easy and preferred by all, it would be smart to make your website mobile friendly. There’s another reason you should be considering to make your site mobile friendly- Read More