How to Use Pinterest For SEO

pinterest for seo
What a time to be alive, isn’t it? Social Media has taken the word by surprise and instead of merely focusing on connecting with people, it has become a  stage for improving a business’s brand image, SEO game and traffic. Pinterest today, is one of the most used platforms to buy, search and check out products and services. Many Digital gurus call it a catalogue to find style inspiration, DIY inspiration and a source to save “grandma’s” recipe. According to a digital survey an estimate of 6...
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How To Run An Instagram Ad

Instagram adds
Instagram is a very popular application among many people no matter what age group, gender or occupation. This medium is simple to use- just click on it, scroll up and down and like or comment on whichever post you want. According to many online posts, this application is highly used by working professionals at 11 am or when they are bored and need a break from their hectic work schedule. Though this app was initially started just to let people blow off steam or cool off,  it has introduce...
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Why Should Your Site Be Mobile Friendly

why mobile responsive
  There are numerous Smartphone users all around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Germany, France, Atlanta or Kansas everyone is a proud owner of a Smartphone and because surfing the net on the phone has become fairly easy and preferred by all, it would be smart to make your website mobile friendly. There’s another reason you should be considering to make your site mobile friendly- Google’s Algori...
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Native Advertising Versus Content Marketing

content comparision
Many people confuse native advertising with content marketing but advertising and marketing are two terms that differ in meaning as do the terms prefixed to them.Content marketing takes place on a medium you own. For instance, if you have your own website or you have an account on medium or elsewhere and you post your blogs/articles or posts there it is considered content marketing. You’re basically promoting your products or your brand through mediums that belong to you.   ...
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How to Run Ads on Twitter

twitter bird
Twitter ads are new but highly effective according to digital gurus. What else did we expect? Ever since platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have introduced their pillars for business, Twitter couldn’t lag behind; after all it’s a social platform used by many influential people like Trump, Modi and Hitler replicas all over the world. Anyway, I’m sure if you are reading this blog you are new to running an ad on this platform which is why I am here to help. Firstly, you will need...
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Google analytics: how to go about it

significance of google analytics
Did you know you can find out user flow on Analytics? There are various tools offered by such metrics or analyzing programs and they have developed a lot since first they were launched however there is still not much information on how to use this data or information to improve your site or other aspects of your platforms. User Experience (UX) cannot be determined from such programs and this is where it lacks that oomph. With the help of web metrics, you (or users in general) can view samples...
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Step-by-step Breakdown of Running a Facebook Campaign

coderang_blog_facebook _paid_ marketing
Do you want to gain better visibility, recognition or traffic online but don’t you know which platform to use? Or have you already tried everything and failed at it? Well, here’s the thing- campaigns on Facebook are more effective than you think. This era is all about digital marketing and branding. No matter which site you go on you’ll see pop-up ads or banner ads or campaigns spreading like wildfire. Today’s blog is aimed at n...
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How many types of Google spam you need to avoid

Link Spam To avoid On Google
I’m sure we are all engaging in both white-hat and black-hat strategies to improve our rankings and visibility. Sometimes we unknowingly engage in activities that will tarnish our hard work and sometimes we implement such activities intentionally. Today’s blog is about the two common methods used by marketers all over the world, I hope this piece will help you. Before I go any further, let me make clear the difference between white-hat activities and black-hat activities.     ...
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How to Deal With Facebook Spam

faceboook spam
Spamming is a major issue today, especially since the Internet has developed from ARPANET to the INTERNET. Usually spamming was only common in e-mails but today with the emergence of social media and various social media platforms and activities, spamming has become highly widespread on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn too. Nowadays many of us fall victim to both spamming and phishing on major social platforms and it...
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How Google algorithms update work

google algorithms change
If you’re new to Google Algorithm then this article is for you. For people like you and me going in –depth into technical ‘skills’ can be quite intimidating but don’t fret, I am going to guide you through all the different algorithms penalties. The main purpose of this article is to explain what each of these algorithms is meant to do. This article is supposed to be an easy guide to walk you through alg...
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How to Increase Traffic On Your Site Like a Pro

web traffic trace
The most crucial success factor is undoubtedly marketing to improve visibility online and increase traffic. However, if you want to focus on traditional traffic generation strategies like link building then you are missing out on many potential customers. Here’s how you can increase (and in some cases double) traffic without spending an ounce on marketing. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi we too ...
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Breakdown of Google Analytics

google anlytics breakdown
In the earlier days the number of visits on a website was checked through a counter on your website or webpage. The e-commerce business is all about staying ahead of your competition and implementing your best game to attract many visitors and potential clients or simply viewers. Analytics programs are basically programs that track activities in your website using a tracking code. The code is a fragment of JavaScript Code that is placed on every page of your company’s website. When a user ...
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The Fundamentals Of An Effective Website

effective web

Many frown at the thought of updating their current company website but many forget that an updated website leads to more credibility.

Does an enthralling website design really matter?

Your website design is a substructure for your visitors and potential customers.

This is your chance to generate business and despite major skepticism, a p...

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Remarketing: An Effective Marketing Strategy

google remarkting

A constructive  way to establish a pertinent network with visitors on your website is through remarketing. It is most effective to those viewers or visitors who have previously visited your website but haven’t made any inquiry or purchase. This marketing strategy allows you to decisively place ads in front of your defined target audience.

Experts claim that remarketing is highly effective because after a visitor leaves your web...

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How to be more productive at work

Multi work

Every employee goes through that sluggish phase at work where energy drinks or any other caffeinated drink can’t magically awaken you from that heavy-eyed afternoon slump. Though this may sound a bit cliché, it is proven that lack of sleep disrupts your workday. You can’t work at your optimum level if some factors don’t add up to your body’s requirements.

If you want to be more productive at work, follow these simple steps.
Start slowly

Start you...

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