It is said that content is the base of attraction for any website or company page. Your content can make or break your marketing strategy and can build your consumer base. You do not have to be the best content writer but you must be a smart one. There are many Social Media Agencies in Delhi that implement smart methods of content writing.

There are a few pointers you should keep in mind in order to establish more traffic and leads on your website.

  1. Keep your Headline strong. Your headline is the window to your content or business. You have got to have an eye catching or appealing headline that will lure readers to your page or website. The first key to attraction is always your headline.

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before writing a headline such as:

  • Is your headline unique?
  • Can people or readers relate to your content?
  • Is your headline too vague?
  • Is it even relevant to your story or the body of content?

It is always important to create a headline that will motivate visitors to read the whole content ergo your content must be interesting.

There is a fine line between being interesting and being too over the top.  Many perceive an interesting headline to be over the top even though that’s where people usually go wrong.

Don’t come up with a headline that sounds really interesting but doesn’t relate or complement the body of the story. You will end up losing visitors and your integrity might get stained.

Also, avoid over exaggerating in your headline, it may attract readers at first but then it will only deteriorate the attractiveness of your content. Cheap ploys are a big no-no.

Other than that make sure your headline contains a maximum of only 10 words, the shorter the headline the better the readership. For Content Writing services visit us at

  1. Your body must be informative and should explain your purpose of writing in the first few paragraphs.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing content for your business or for any other purpose, your content should be informative and the first two to three paragraphs should include the most important details and in the end of each article or blog, you could add a conclusion.

Make sure you add infographics where necessary and try to include source links or keywords that are relevant to your topic.

Experts say your body should be irresistible. What this means is that you have got to satisfy readers’ curiosity as well as inform them and keep them glued throughout the whole article.

Pointers for your body:

  • Your opening paragraph or your opening statement should prove your thesis.
  • The language you use should be simple and easy to understand. Avoid using jargons unless the article is meant for technical or professional readers. If however Laymen are also part of your audience, make sure you’ve got links on certain words that will help them understand the meaning of certain jargons.
  • The above-mentioned points are easy to construct but you have also got to keep in mind that you must engage with your readers and emotionally connect with them. The content you write should be like a song. The more someone can connect with lyrics to a song the better the response to your article.
  • Don’t always be too serious in your posts. Lighten up a little and add humor or soothing content. Don’t bore your audience with mere facts or only text. Add images or infographics to balance the layout.
  1. The ‘Nucleus’ or core of the matter must be intense.

Now that we have established the two basic foundations of writing content, you have got to conjure up topics on an emotional as well as intellectual level.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • How will it help my readers?
  • Is the content appropriate?
  • Can many relate to my post?
  • Can I use puns and humor in my content?

To sum this up, your content should in some way help readers in some way or the other. For instance, did they learn something? Did they experience satisfaction or have their queries been answered?  The right way to accomplish an “intense core” is to keep these three points in mind.

The simpler your advice the sooner  your information is put into action which in turn leads to credibility, authority and a sense of trust between you and your audience. It is really frustrating when you overwhelm your audience with material that’s out of the audience’s capacity.

Tip: What most journalists (or aspiring journalists) do is practice writing headlines. Even though you may not be a journalist, you should act like one when it comes to writing content. Practice every day and compare headlines from different blogs or newspapers or any other source. The more you study headlines the better you will be at coming up with attractive ones. In other words, your headline must sum up the whole story or article and the body of your article must have a continuous flow.

Other than having great content, you will also need an effective and well functioning website. For web application development India call us at 097171 19100

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