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Did you know you can find out user flow on Analytics? There are various tools offered by such metrics or analyzing programs and they have developed a lot since first they were launched however there is still not much information on how to use this data or information to improve your site or other aspects of your platforms. User Experience (UX) cannot be determined from such programs and this is where it lacks that oomph.

With the help of web metrics, you (or users in general) can view samples at large which would otherwise be impossible to do.

If you want to establish a high degree of certainty of a design then using web analyzing tools would prove to be useful. Another benefit of using analytics is that it also gives researchers the opportunity to come up with quicker solutions or answers. CodeRang is one of the most reputed digital marketing agencies in Delhi that can help you out with monitoring your analytics account.

However, the disadvantage with web analytics is that it can’t tell you why people react the way they are. You can only infer the intent and describe what their behavior was not why they acted the way they did or why they took that action.

Note: If you use analytics data at the beginning of your hypothesis then it is more effective.

The specific tools you use aren’t really that important to understanding what kind of data is to be collected and how to use it.

Characterize Behaviors of Users


Your job is to find out what people are doing on your website. This information can be very useful to you in a number of ways. You could use this information or data to explore potential areas of problems and you can also prioritize the areas your website needs to invest design efforts in. You get an overview of the interactions on your page.

You can also construct practical tasks for usability testing, fish out personas, use these findings as evidence and inspection and you can even assess the effectiveness of your design change.

Before I forget to mention this, Analytics also tracks the traffic from SEO. For SEO services in Delhi you can approach Coderang.

Analyze the behavior flow report.

This report shows how people are moving from page to page. It’s quite a good solution to visualizing difficult information.

The most common paths of users are analyzed or else there would be too much data to startle you.

Such a report can help you in choosing specific pages and the next pages they move on to.

You should look for people who are:

  • Visiting pages you wouldn’t expect them to visit. This could mean there’s a glitch in navigation.
  • Exiting your site in hefty numbers. This can also determine the no. of satisfied and unsatisfied visitors.
  • Constantly going to and fro between pages. This is an indication of possible misleading or confusing navigation.

Understanding Your Navigation Summary

Lots details aren’t provided about the behaviors of users and it doesn’t even show how people get to your page.

The ability to see which pages people came from to reach your page is very valuable especially if you want to uncover relationships between pages.

The navigation summary report helps if you need a list of pages people navigate to and from.

You basically get to learn about:

–    New page paths

–    Page views

–    Percentage of page views

–    Previous page paths

–    Next page paths

–    And exits

Navigation summary

Events Flow

Not every action carried out on a website takes a user to a new page. Google Analytics offers a tracking code to track activities or actions of users.

Google Metric system gives you a gist or an idea of how many people have taken action and where they went on your site. There is an option of configuring events; all you need to do is choose the events flow report that resembles the Behavior flow report.

An event overview gives you an idea about:

–    Unique events

–    No. of visits of event

–    The event’s value

–    The Average value of each event

–     The average visiting duration

–    The no. of Views of events or pageviews

 Events flow

Inferring intent

You have got to know what your visitors are coming to your website for.  What are they trying to accomplish on a particular page?

Web analytics alone can by no means tell you for sure what users really want. But what it can do is give you evidence to create a theory.



Referral traffic only takes traffic that comes from websites that are linked to yours and shows you what site the traffic came from.  Referral traffic gives you a clue about why people come to your site

You have got to look at the proportion of people who are coming from referrals like Wikipedia. The reports are high-level metrics that characterize the people coming from different channels.

Basically, through this summary, you know which platform is giving you the most referrals. It may be your social platform like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest or maybe another site that’s reviewed you that’s helping you achieve good referrals.

Keeping tabs of your Audience overview

An overview of bounce rates, sessions, average sessions and so on are given.

  • Bounce rate specifies the portion of your users who have landed on your site but didn’t take on with any other page and left your site.
  • Pages/session describes the average amount of pages your visitors look at during their visit on your website.
  • Average session duration shows you how long users spend on your site.

Audience Overview


There is a huge amount of information waiting for you on Google Analytics or any other analytics. Whenever you have questions about the number of users that are actively participating or bouncing from your site your go-to tool should be analytics.


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