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Every employee goes through that sluggish phase at work where energy drinks or any other caffeinated drink can’t magically awaken you from that heavy-eyed afternoon slump. Though this may sound a bit cliché, it is proven that lack of sleep disrupts your workday. You can’t work at your optimum level if some factors don’t add up to your body’s requirements.

If you want to be more productive at work, follow these simple steps.

Start slowly

Start your morning slowly. Take time to have a healthy and filling breakfast and when you reach the office, do not immediately jump into doing work hastily. Do things one at a time. The faster you try to finish something, the more likely you are to screw up.

Prioritize your to-do list

Like stated above, it is always best to do one task at a time. Don’t multitask! Prioritizing your work can lead to better results and won’t leave you disappointed or stressed out. Carry out the most important tasks first then give priority to the second and third most important tasks. This was you’ll be more productive.

Cut back on caffeine

You have got to cut back on caffeine. Caffeine will only disrupt your sleep cycle and tarnish your metabolism rate. Instead opt for water or juice or maybe even light snacks like almonds to help you get through the day. Opt for green tea instead and also lots of water.

Take a mental break

Mental breaks are very important if you want to be more productive at work. Instead of always focusing on your work, listen to music for a while or take a walk. Step aside from your computer and try to clear your head for 5 to 10 minutes, strike up a conversation with a colleague or simply stretch then get back to your work with a fresh mindset.

Undertake an effective routine

Routines should be beneficial, innovative and must help you progress with your work. For instance try to wake up each day at the same time and set aside time for specific tasks. Also, try to establish your most productive time. If you’re most productive at 10am, make sure you do the most important thing at 10 am so that it’s completed in time and you can then move on to the less important projects.

Do the most crucial project first

Though many like to do the easiest projects first then move on to the more challenging ones, it is advised to start with the most crucial one so that you’re done with the worst and can move on to the lighter and easier projects.

Keep track of your time.

Sometimes, even though you think you’re organized at work, you still don’t have enough time to complete every task possible.

You should keep a track of everything from your lunch schedule and the average time it takes to complete a project. Tracking your time will give you a gist on areas you could spend less time n and work on more important areas.

Stay balanced

If you’re given the opportunity to take breaks, make good use of them even if it’s only for five minutes. On your day off do not dive into your work. Relax your mind and body and also spend some quality time with your family. Turn off your phone on weekends or mute all notifications related work. It’s important not to mix your social life with your work life.

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