‘Active community’, ‘lucrative platform’, ‘advertiser’s paradise’- haven’t we all heard these tags linked to LinkedIn? Well, as true as these labels, LinkedIn is certainly a b2b marketer’s masterstroke to success, today

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Magnanimous as it may seem, LinkedIn offers compelling opportunities to marketers and entrepreneurs to showcase and establish their presence in the globe. However, the process isn’t a child’s play either. You can’t be simply moving the magical wand wishing your work would be done! While LinkedIn does offer an awesome platform, you ought to be utilizing those advantages in favour of your business.

Here’s how you can grow your marketing strategies:

1. Establish your brand name
Are you thinking about promoting your brand page through individual contacts on LinkedIn? Well, people are smarter! They might be already researching about your company here. Ideally, what is more important is to create a good impression through your business page. Make sure the images, profile, products and services that you offer are presented at their best. On and over, to drive referral traffic, go ahead to link with other social channels and company sites.

2. Distribution of Content
Grab the opportunity to showcase your company’s portfolio through marketing propagations like webinars, videos, blog articles and any other content valuable to the audience. Include relevant industry content, announce job opportunities, publish press releases etc.

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3. Value to Community
Just showing the face of your company isn’t enough unless you are adding enough value to the community. Your marketing presence should be active and consistent through regular posts of content. Interesting and interactive posts go a long way to maintain the positive impression, already created. You may create one or more LinkedIn groups to increase the count of audience. Marketing strategies following brand exposure and engagement with target audience fetch positive results.

4. Community Management
As a marketer you can’t be simply blowing your trumpet all the time. Followers may lose interest if you just broadcast your brand content all the time and if they have to listen to those boring sales pitches in every new post. A dedicated community management is hence required to avoid being overly business focused and rather answer questions, provide information, engage in fun activities etc.

5. Promotion through LinkedIn advertising
If you wish to achieve more ripples to their marketing presence or generate leads, LinkedIn advertising can come to your help. LinkedIn advertising offers a sea of targeting options. Be it the wider audience or super-specific that would narrow down the search to region, industry, title, company or group – these options will surely be a voice of your company. LinkedIn advertising also provides marketing materials like whitepapers or Ebooks that tend to do well.

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