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The most crucial success factor is undoubtedly marketing to improve visibility online and increase traffic. However, if you want to focus on traditional traffic generation strategies like link building then you are missing out on many potential customers.

Here’s how you can increase (and in some cases double) traffic without spending an ounce on marketing. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi we too suggest working on aspects like your meta description and keywords for better traffic rather than paying for ads.

 Add Long-Tail Variations

It Is easier to identify and research short and high-volume terms  but ideally about 70-85% traffic that you will be likely to receive will come from long-tail queries (about 4-5 words).It is usually easier to rank and convert such keywords at higher rates than shorter and more generic ones.

Here’s how you can make the most of your exposure to long-tail variations and augment your traffic:

  1. Recognize Long-Tail Modifiers

Let us pretend we sell running shoes and we want to optimize our page to rank for as many searches as possible. This is when we visit Google Keyword Tool and take a note of long-tail variations. Below is an example:


  1. Stand Out with affluent Snippets

Rich or affluent snippets are nothing but search listings that comprise information concerning a product’s cost, accessibility, availability and the product’s review count. These snippets are useful for learning more about the particular creation and/or site at a fleeting look from the search results page without having to visit it.

Stand Out with affluent Snippets

Rich snippets are extremely influential since they can augment the number of people that click on your page up to 30% this is a great boost for something that can typically be implemented pain-free!

The procedure for setting up or enabling affluent snippets will differ based on your display place, so you may need to do some investigation to get it implemented. Once you think the entire thing is setup correctly, you can use Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool to ensure there won’t be any display issues. Rich snippets can take some time to come into view in the search listings, so don’t fret if you don’t see them right away.

  1. Write Titles and Descriptions People Can’t Resist

Titles and Descriptions

Did you know that your meta titles and meta descriptions are attributes that decide how your page appears in the search results? They are enormously significant. You should write a convincing title and exciting description and you will stand out to searches. On the other hand, if your copy is uninteresting and doesn’t present any convincing reason to click, you’ll get less traffic.

You could make use descriptions like free gifts or ‘cheap rates’ or something catchy that will draw people towards you.

Despite of challenging some big competitors, I assure such listings receive a higher click-through rate than the other pages, particularly given many of them aren’t very tempting from a sales and copywriting viewpoint.

Here is a quick tip: When you are writing meta titles and descriptions you should implement an advertising approach. You should be highlighting your expertise, USP, and customer benefits.

You should also keep your SEO and keywords in mind just do not go overboard with it. Take account of your primary keyword(s) at least once in the title or heading and once in the description but if you’re in doubt then give priority to readability instead of SEO.

 Influence Your Internal Links

A well-known technique is to get links from other sites. Only a few people understand how much influence one’s own site’s structure and internal links have on your rankings.

If you need to give a particular page a ranking boost then linking it from a well known page can help pass authority over to you and improve your ranking.

  • You should make a list of high value pages
  • recognize the pages on your website that at present have the most authority and SEO sap
  • Add a link from your authority page to your target page
  • slip in the link naturally on the authority page using anchor text connected to the keyword you would like the target page to rank for.

The supremacy Of Optimization

If you merely depend on increasing the number of backlinks your site has, it could take you years to double your traffic. Using the methods discussed above, it is likely to radically increase your traffic by creating smart adjustments to your existing site and in drastically less time.

Our company also offers expert Content Writing services. We come up with effective meta descriptions and titles to help your firm stand.


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