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Twitter ads are new but highly effective according to digital gurus. What else did we expect? Ever since platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have introduced their pillars for business, Twitter couldn’t lag behind; after all it’s a social platform used by many influential people like Trump, Modi and Hitler replicas all over the world.

Anyway, I’m sure if you are reading this blog you are new to running an ad on this platform which is why I am here to help.

Firstly, you will need an account, so if you haven’t already set one up, it is high time you do so. It’s easy setting one up, all you need to do is sign up and provide your details.

Twitter account image

Once you have signed up or logged in, click on your profile as looking for the advertising option on your homepage may seem a bit tedious. So once you have clicked on your profile, look at the right of your screen and you will see an option of advertising with Twitter .

Advertise with Twitter

After clicking on the concerned area, you’ll be presented with a campaign format similar that to Facebook’s.  If you’ve ever come across twitter ads you must have ‘stumbled upon’ promoted accounts, Promoted trends and even promoted tweets. These ads are visible both when you are logged out or logged in to your account and you can clearly make out it’s a promoted ad because it’s marked that way.

promoted ad on twitter

Let us now move on to the important part- what kind of ads or campaigns you could place.

You could:

  • Increase web conversions or website clicks
  • Improve or increase leads
  • Increase your followers
  • Increase views on your videos
  • Improve app installs or opt for app re-arrangement
  • Or increase your tweet engagement


If you are uncertain which activity to opt for you could let twitter decide for you.twitter campaign options

Twitter Ad generation

Though Twitter can help you, it’s always best to rely on your own skills. If you are launching an app and want many downloads then you wouldn’t be choosing a campaign that will get you clicks on your website, or would you? The safest and most obvious bet would be to choose one that will get you the maximum no. of downloads hence you should be going for app installs.


This isn’t a game for everyone; you will need to carry out traditional marketing strategies that will help you online as well. Your target audience, demographic data, or as others call it your segmentation needs to be decided well in advance. Also, ask yourself whether the advertisement you’re running is even relevant.


Here are a few tips on running a strong campaign


  1. Target the right audience. If you are an educational group trying to promote your school or college then consider if you’d rather target students or parents of students. There is a lot of consideration that goes in to making a decision.
  2. Implement visuals in your campaign. According to researchers and digital marketing experts, your ad is 10 times more likely to perform better if you use visuals.
  3. Use a catchy tagline, slogan or headline. If either one is boring and not engaging or doesn’t evoke any emotion in the potential lead then what’s the point of even running an ad?
  4. Apply a tracking tool to get information regarding your ad(s). If you fail to use a tracking code you won’t really know the concrete results. Although analytics may help you to some extent it is highly recommended by experts that you implement a tracking code.
  5. Try remarketing if you wish to make your campaign a lot more interactive, this is bound to get you more leads or potential leads.


Anyway, let me give you a little insight to the options available. If you wish to improve engagement like getting retweets, comments, likes or getting added to someone’s list of ‘favorites’ then you should be opting for ‘Tweet Engagement’

If you want to get purchases, sign ups or if you simply wish for people to visit your site then you should be opting for the ‘website conversion or clicks’ option.

If you want people to download or install your app(s) then you sure as hell should be opting for app-installs.

The leads option gets you actual or potential leads. If someone is interested in what you have to offer they will fill a form or a list of details of those users and if you want to solely increase the no. of followers you have you will obviously opt for a campaign that’s going to help you do that.

Tip: If you want to keep followers (and you aren’t a big shot yet) then you should do your followers the honor of following them back too. I’ve had lots of followers but lost them because I wasn’t following them and I’m not Katy Perry or some big shot celebrity who’ll get hundreds of followers in one day. So if you’re like me you’ve got to return the favor.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what you will be presented with when you are setting up a campaign.

You’ve got to:

  • Name your campaign
  • Set a date for it (start and end date)
  • Enter your website’s domain name
  • Decide on a category that describes your website the best
  • Active your tracking code

Twitter Campaign

Once you’ve entered these details you get to decide where you’d like your ads to appear i.e. on timelines or profiles and pages or everywhere. You can tailor your audience or you could go with Twitter’s recommendation.

twitter campaign budget overview

Setting a daily budget or a total budget is important if you want to spend in a limit. Make sure you check with your boss or employees before setting a budget. Now comes the crucial part of deciding your viewers. It would be wise for you to set your own audience as it will be more effective but if you trust this platform more than your marketing strategists then why not run two ads at the same time; one shall be based on the audience you’ve decided on  and the other should be based on the audience recommended by the ‘medium’. See which one performs better then base your next ad(s) on the one that did better.


Twitter campaign audience overview

Choosing creatives here means deciding what kind of visuals to use. Make sure it is well balanced; the elements are perfectly placed and are also relevant. Did you know? Most ads or campaigns run well only when their visuals or creatives are alluring.

campaign twitter creatives

After you’ve finished setting all the details for it you can preview your advertisement on iOS, Android, Twitter Audience Platform and also on Desktop. Now I’d also like to recommend you to keep tabs on your analytics. Get an understanding of your paid and unpaid posts. You get an overview or idea of your top tweets, your engagements, your impressions and so on.

Twitter Analytics part 2

The power of analytics is more than what you can imagine. every social platform has its own analytics so do keep track of your activities on a regular basis. You can compare and review your daily activities and this can help you get an idea on what methods or tactics to implement in the future.  I hope this blog was helpful, stay tuned for our blog next week on content marketing and native advertising.

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