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Instagram is a very popular application among many people no matter what age group, gender or occupation. This medium is simple to use- just click on it, scroll up and down and like or comment on whichever post you want.

According to many online posts, this application is highly used by working professionals at 11 am or when they are bored and need a break from their hectic work schedule.

Though this app was initially started just to let people blow off steam or cool off,  it has introduced the option of running ads since FB ads are doing so great and businesses like the Fashion sector, Food industries or home accessories are doing really great on this platform.

Let’s get started with the kinds of advertisements you can run here

  1. Photo advertisements- this is a type of advertisement that lets your image do all the talking. Your post or image must include a message through visuals with the help of text (it isn’t necessary though) and you can include a link in the bio section.
  2. Video ads- these look like any ordinary ad on Facebook
  3. Carousel ads- it’s an amalgamation of multiple images


The advantages of creating advertisements are:

You can increase brand awareness send people to your website or get users to download or install your app

Other options include:

  • Page engagements or post engagements
  • Mass awareness
  • Reach and frequency
  • Video views
  • Mobile app engagements
  • Mobile app installs
  • Website conversions and
  • Website clicks

Your Ad Guide

Click on ad creation, power editor or Facebook’s API. Before you can begin, you must have a Facebook account as well as an Instagram account.

  1. Log in to your FB account
  2. Go to Business Manger
  3. Link your insta’ account to your FB account/page if you haven’t already
  4. Create an ad- you can choose from boosting your page, boosting your post, increase web conversions, generate leads, create brand awareness, get app installs or video views.

ad Insta

  1. The options are the same as those when creating a campaign for Facebook. After selecting your campaign type, give it a name.

Insta campaign Name

6 . After selecting your option you should name your campaign then select your audience, interests, and budget and select the no. of images you would like your target to see.

Insta Ad scheduling

  1. When it comes to the placement of your advertisement you only need to select Instagram and be done with it.

Insta as placement

8 . Proceed to the payment process and Voila, you’ll have your ad ready and it will appear something like this:


insta sponsored ad


  • Your image size must 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • The minimum number of images one can use are three
  • The maximum no. of images that can be used are 5
  • The image ratio should be 1:1
  • Minimum resolution of an image is 600 x 600 pixels
  • The post can only have 20 percent text or less in order for the ad to be effective
  • You can choose CTA. This will include CTAs like Apply now, Install now, learn more, download, sign up, watch more and contact us.

How to Increase visibility and engagement without Ads

  1. Post quality content- posting good quality images and videos will get you the attention you want.
  2. Create feeds people would want t o see
  3. Share your insta’ name on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook
  4. This app only allows you to use the visuals you want, others can’t copy them and this platform doesn’t provide you with images either. You need to create your own stuff to get better results and build credibility.

Who will see my ads?

Apart from people mentioned in your demographic section with certain interests, those who have liked something relevant or follow people who have something to do with your business will come across your advertisement.

How to Get a verified badge?

Public figures, hot shots in any industry or organizations with brand value usually receive a tick or verified badge on their profiles indicating they are a genuine/ verified account holder.

These verification marks are given because these brands or personalities are more likely to be impersonated.

Laymen like you and I aren’t likely to get such badges, instead we can link our account to your face book or twitter account letting others know we are the person they are looking for.

Those who have linked their FB and Insta accounts together won’t get a badge on the latter even if they have a badge on Facebook because those accounts on Instagram that are more likely to be impersonated are likely to receive such badges.

Stay tuned for our next blog or leave us any topic you would life for us to cover. I hope you find what you are looking for. We cover topics like Google Algorithms, facebook promotion, Ads or campaigns on Twitter , etc.

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