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Have you ever wondered why you’re not able to generate leads even after spending a huge amount of money and time in building your website? You aren’t the only one who is going through this. There are hundreds of other organizations and businesses that are facing the same problem like you…….

Many cringe at the thought of email marketing because apparently ‘social media’ is the new hype and everything must be done through social media, be it promoting your site, brand, product or services or even ideas. What many are overlooking is the effectiveness of email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the digital version of direct mail. Instead of sending coupons, flyers, pamphlets or newsletters by post, these items are sent to a user’s inbox directly. A study indicates that direct marketing is way more effective than indirect marketing and email marketing being a form of direct marketing can prove to be quite beneficial for many organizations.

There are many benefits of implementing e-mail marketing. It depends on how you use it to benefit your business. Here are a few advantages:

You can track customer activities

With the help of email marketing, it is easier to track customer activities. You can find out which customers read your mail and which emails are leading to sales. There is an array of email marketing software available today that will help you track conversion rates, click-through rates, and user preference. You can then analyze where you’re going right and where you need to improve. This method is 10 times faster than doing intensive research for print and broadcast mediums.

You can build brand loyalty and encourage new customers to become loyal.

Fans of your brand, loyal customers, and potential consumers like to receive updates about your products and services. Let’s say you’re a frequent flyer with Lufthansa and you have signed up for their frequent flyer card and newsletters. What the marketing team at Lufthansa will do is send you an update on services available.

Loyal customers are also provided with discounts on certain flights and those who have availed the frequent flyer mile will have the benefit of exchanging their miles for cheaper tickets or an upgrade from Economy class to Economy premium or from Economy premium to Business class. You are also offered the benefit of using your miles to shop at certain stores.

By implementing such strategies (like offering discounts to new and loyal customers) you will build brand loyalty and the rate of conversion of new customers to loyal ones will be higher.

It costs less

E-mail marketing is preferred by many start-ups and big businesses because there aren’t many costs associated with PPC (pay per click). Also, it is an environment-friendly method of making people aware of certain products and services your company or brand has to offer.

You target your segment

Many marketing professionals would benefit from targeting only their target audience instead of targeting irrelevant individuals. To ensure that these marketers only target their audience, emails are sent to subscribers who meet certain criteria. Let’s say you’re an electronic appliance company and you want to target a small area in Delhi. In that particular area who ever has shown interest in electronics will receive a newsletter, promotional campaign, invitation email, catalog email and so on.

If marketers implement this tactic, they are bound to attract better engagement as a result. Facebook marketing shouldn’t always be your go-to marketing strategy. You don’t know if your target audience is being exposed to your content.

Improved call-to-action

With the help of email marketing, many brands benefit because users or customers can directly click on the link in your email that leads them to your website. This in turn will increase traffic on your site and can generate more leads.

Emails are Easy to create

Email content is easy to create. You just need to target the right audience and bombard them with your newsletter, catalog email, email campaign or survey emails. Some offer fancy and creative emails to potential customers while others keep it simple. The text to image ratio depends entirely on you but make sure it’s effective, in proper proportion and not too loud. Too many elements in your email may be appalling so try to stick to something tamer.

Emails are easier to share

With the help of emails, it’s easier for a subscriber or potential customer to share or forward your campaigns, newsletters, transactional emails, etc. Through this, many more potential customers will become aware of your product or services which in turn will lead to more potential leads and traffic.

Global Reach

With the help of emails, you get to reach hundreds and thousands of people across various boundaries. Social media does the same but with emails, you get to target your potential customers and loyal customers, i.e. your emails are more target oriented. Social media posts won’t necessarily reach your target audience and may be a waste of time and effort.


If you want to reach your target audience immediately, you should use emails. Such a luxury isn’t provided through print medium and in some cases broadcast medium. You can also make changes quite instantly to your content.

Incredible ROI (Return on investment)

Many companies invest in email marketing because it offers high ROI in comparison to print medium or any other medium. For every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get a return of 40 dollars. Many customers are also quite pleased with this platform because it is easier to access information and there are no physical barriers.

You can initiate and develop relationships

In order to have a successful business, you will need to develop bonds with customers. You can establish personal connections, which in turn, will increase and improve your credibility with your customer. You get to establish authority through e-mails. Show your customers that you know the A-Z’s of your business and make sure you also send them creative emails through which you flaunt your knowledge without bragging. Send emails that add value to your customers.

There are many digital marketing agencies in Delhi that will persuade you to opt for social media marketing but don’t fall into their trap. Explore your options; ask yourself if you could benefit more from email marketing or social media marketing. If you need help in developing crisp but effective content for your emails, visit our website We’d be glad to help.

Types of email marketing

1. Newsletters: If you want to keep your customers in the loop of new and upcoming products or services, you should send them newsletters weekly, biweekly or monthly. If you don’t inform your customers about such services and products you won’t be able to generate any leads ot traffic on your site.
2. Promotional campaigns are emails about upcoming sales. Such emails are sent well in advance or during the sale to remind customers about the product or service.
3. Invitation emails keep clients up to date on upcoming events. It’s somewhat like a Pre Press Release.
4. Catalog emails are nothing but emails that highlight products and services like a general catalog would. The only difference is that it is digital.
5. Lead nurturing emails are designed to keep a company’s brand on top of the customer’s mind. Such emails are sent regularly till the potential or prospective customer is converted.
6. Survey emails are like feedback forms. Through such emails, a company can find out what a customer wants or needs.

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