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What a time to be alive, isn’t it? Social Media has taken the word by surprise and instead of merely focusing on connecting with people, it has become a  stage for improving a business’s brand image, SEO game and traffic.

Pinterest today, is one of the most used platforms to buy, search and check out products and services. Many Digital gurus call it a catalogue to find style inspiration, DIY inspiration and a source to save “grandma’s” recipe.

According to a digital survey an estimate of 68% users of this site get inspiration to buy and sell things on this platform as it is a friendly foundation in which such items can be shared, loved, pinned and bought…. So why not use it for Search Engine Optimization?

Did you know? The Search box is the most used tool on the whole site. Certain keywords or phrases are  typed in and Voila…. Related pins are delivered to your monitor in a fraction of seconds.

search box pinterest

Here’s something you need to understand. Keywords are major elements that can get you noticed on any social medium be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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Through tools you are to determine keywords that are in high competition and low completion, then check their searches as well. The higher the ranking the more time it will take for your pins to become visible and vice versa.

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Let us now go in-depth to attaining better visibility

  1. Create a business account and allows your boards or pins to be public. Your aim is to drive traffic to your site and get leads so there isn’t any benefit having a private account.
  2. Use your keywords in your descriptions, pins and about us section to make it easier for users to come across your pins
  3. Your business name should be easy to find and search. People don’t remember a name that is complicated or too long.
  4. Get your website verified as this can get you more traffic
  5. Link your posts back to your website so users can get a better understanding of what you do.
  6. Include prices so you get genuine leads
  7. Use your key words in your ALT tags as well because search engines cannot read images. Instead, they read the file names and therefore it is important you change the name or give it a tag for easy readability.
  8. Include a follow, pin-it button on your website so it is easier for your vistors to land on your pins or boards.
  9. Use Pinterest’s analytics to make it easier to analyze where you are getting the most traffic from and what action is being taken on your site.


Why is Pinterest Good For business?

Pinterest is good for business because it increases, traffic, generates leads, improves sales and increases awareness.

Getting started isn’t that tough. Check out a  guide that will help you get started. Firstly, get a widget builder. These are buttons that you can add on your website or application that will  direct a user directly to your page.

widget pinterest

There are 3 ways you can increase engagement on your platform, i.e. through Add-ons, Rich Pins and API.

  • API: s This foundation offers you REStful API that allows you to access data of other pinners like their pins, board collection(s), their followers and so forth.
  • Add- Ons: Adding a widget on your website or app allows you to increase engagement. There are 5 widgets you can choose from viz Board, profile and Pin widget and a follow and pin it button.
  • Rich pins can be articles, recipes, infographics or videos that have more information about the product on the pin itself.

Pin like an Expert…

  1. Think about your Pinner, their interests and likes.
  2. Curate your pins and boards
  3. Show people what inspires you. Share pins of your followers and appreciate their work
  4. Upload your own original posts
  5. Share them on other social platforms like Facebook. Facebook Promotion can get you additional reach and exposure.

If you need help getting started or understanding the ins and out of it, then you can check out PInterest’s Help guide. There’s a lot you can learn and the content in the guide is easy to understand.


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