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“Best web design practice”… “Important for communication with search engine”… “Better visibility” – hey, are these words buzzing in your ears by now, as you are ransacking the web pages just to know about sitemap?
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Here’s making it really simple for you! Sitemap is to website what the content or index page is to a book. It’s a wireframe that tells you where to get what. It just lets the search engine know the existence of your website and that it can be explored by them. Thus, search engine reads your website – its sections, the links between them, etc, identifies the important pages (priority) and keeps a track of every update (frequency). An updated sitemap, helps in easy navigation.
The language of this index that the search engine reads is, however, a little different from what a normal user would read it as. While it may appear in normal text to users, search engine reads it in html or XML format. Yahoo! and MSN still keep to the standard html format, while Google has long deviated from the conventional language and uses a special XML format Why Use a sitemap? Is that what you ask? Well, you can’t overlook the following benefits.

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• A sitemaps does not only lead to easy navigation by search engines but also informs the search engines immediately about updates in a particular site. This in turn aids in faster indexing of the updated changes. The turnaround time may not be so fast if the sitemap isn’t there. You grow less dependency on external links to get your website search engine optimized.
• If you’ve recently launched your website or you have quite a number of new (recently updated), using a sitemap can prove highly beneficial.
• Sitemaps facilitate in classifying your website’s content, irrespective of the search engines’ acceptance or approval. It is not a mandate that search engine will classify your page as you need it to be done by the sitemap. However, the probable scope in the user’s credit can’t be denied.
• If you are wondering that a sitemap just enlists a series of links in list form, you’re mistaken! It isn’t that boring, you see. In a way it’s an extension of your site’s entity. The more extensively you include details for each section, sub-section in your sitemap, the more easy-to-explore and user-friendly your website is going to be.


In a nutshell, your sitemap:
• Creates easy-to-follow overview for your website.
• Paves the way for the search engine robots to follow.
• Syncs every page of your site through links.
• Enables visitors to find their desired information in a snap.
• Uses SEO driven keywords and phrases.

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