Code Rang

If you want to improve your website’s ranking and traffic you should implement SEO. Our dedicated team will carry out intense research on keywords your business could use to show better results and we will keep track of all activities taking place on your site. SEO can take you from the last page of a search engine to the first page and though the results aren’t obtained fast, once you’ve established better ranking you will experience more traffic and conversion rates.

Our SEO services include:

  1. a. On-Page and Off-page SEO
  2. b. SEO planning
  3. c. SEO friendly Content
  4. d. SEO for all kinds of websites
  5. e. Analytics Optimization
  6. f. Local SEO Optimization
  7. g. International SEO Planning
  8. h. Server Domain Configuration
  9. i. Social Media Optimization
  10. j. CMS Optimization
  11. k. Multi-lingual SEO
  12. l. Mobile SEO
  13. m. Removal of Google penalty
  14. n. Link-Building

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