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Many agencies offer an array of services but when the time comes to implement their services they lack potential in every aspect.

Not to brag but CodeRang, unlike any other digital agency, offers the best solutions to its clients.

The services provided are vast but also effective.

Being an insight driven 360 degree digital agency, it is important to offer services that actually help clients in building and promoting their brands.

At CodeRang, services like UI/UX designing, Graphics, animation, digital branding solutions, web development, Mobile- android/iOS development, SEO and copywriting are available.

SEO today, plays an important role in promoting businesses online. It’s quite important for a company or business to have SEO keywords and content that is easily understood.

Under SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we offer:

  1. a. On-page SEO- On page SEO is a process where measures are taken directly within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. Content and meta tags are optimized.
  2. b. SEO planning- we try to understand your brand or company then brainstorm on how to make your SEO more effective.
  3. c. SMO- Social Media optimization plays an integral part in promoting a business online. We can help you achieve proper target reach and awareness with the help of our SMO service.
  4. d. Other than theses services we also offer Mobile SEO, Multilingual SEO, local SEO planning, international SEO planning and implementation, CMS optimization, Google penalty remover, analytics optimization and link building.

Now, we all know UI/UX designs play an important role in website or app development. To create the best designs for you, we’ve got a specialised team who will help develop a proper base for your websites or mobile applications. We assure you efficiency and effectiveness. Our team tests and evaluates your design to come up with the most user friendly designs

Under UI/UX designs we offer:

  1. a. Product & service planning.
  2. b. Redesigning.
  3. c. Wireframes.
  4. d. Prototyping.
  5. e. User cases & User Stories.
  6. f. Customer Experience Planning.
  7. g. User Experience (UX) Planning.
  8. h. Usability & User Testing.

Designing and developing a website is easy but if your website lacks smoothness and user friendliness then there’s no point in having a website. I’ve come across hundreds of websites that look like they were made in a hurry. Some websites don’t offer easy navigation or are really mundane.

Don’t fret, the team at CodeRang won’t let you be a victim of such sites. We are going to deliver and assure to provide you the best website that’s user friendly and offers SEO compatibility.

Under Web development we offer:

  1. a. Websites and portals.
  2. b. API & System integration.
  3. c. PHP, HTML5 & JQuery web development.
  4. d. E-commerce & transactional solutions.
  5. e. CMS Integration.
  6. f. Testing & optimization.

Everyone wants to be on social media, be it for personal use or for promoting a business.
Social media marketing is our forte. We come up with marketing strategies and solutions to help give your brand/business a platform on social media. Ignite, trigger and light up your ideas into goals with us.

What we offer:

  1. a. Social Media marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram.
  2. b. Mailers.
  3. c. Analytics.

Do you want to develop a mobile application for Android or iOS users? We’ve got the solution for you.
CodeRang’s professional team will fulfil your mobile app development needs. We offer to create user friendly and smooth operating apps for both iOS and Android phones. This would be a great opportunity for business to turn their products into brands and create brand awareness.

The services we offer under mobile app development are:

  1. a. iOS Apps.
  2. b. Android apps.
  3. c. Web apps.
  4. d. Hybrid apps.
  5. e. Cross-platform development.
  6. f. Admin panel design & development.

It’s important for a digital agency to offer branding solutions to its clients. Without this, a business will remain at the bottom with the other businesses trying to make a mark in this competitive environment.

CodeRang offers to provide strategic clarity, build brand image, shape culture and attain sustainable market growth and competitive advantage.

The services offered under Digital branding are:

  1. a. Increased Brand and product/service awareness.
  2. b. Online reputation management.
  3. c. Community development.
  4. d. Logo designing & Art works.
  5. e. PR (press release.).
  6. f. Brand development and Creation.
  7. e. Social Media strategy , Media Planning & Buying.

What’s a business without animation? Animation allows a business to bring their whole concept on one platform. A company can explain their business through animation on social platforms like Youtube or Facebook or Production houses that lack in-house editors could contact us to create animation for them.

Our team specialises in both 2D and 3D animation and provides technological as well as creative solutions.

We offer to create:

  1. a. Advertisements.
  2. b. Short films.
  3. c. 3D animation videos.
  4. d. Children educational series.
  5. e. E-learning videos production.
  6. f. Explainer videos.
  7. g. Industrial Designs.
  8. h. Brand Logo animations.
  9. i. Storyboarding.
  10. j. 3D walkthroughs.

Designs, branding and overall marketing are vital for customers to achieve their target goal. To help our customers meet those goals, we design and bring up concepts that will help them stay ahead of others.

We’ve got a team of highly experienced graphic artists who can fulfill all your graphic needs such as designing and concepting:

  1. a. Logos.
  2. b. Brochures.
  3. c. Stationary.
  4. d. Folders.
  5. e. Flyer’s.
  6. f. Trade Show.
  7. g. Direct Mail.
  8. h. Media Kits.
  9. i. Book Covers.
  10. j. Signage.
  11. k. Labels.
  12. l. Custom Design
  13. m. Packaging.
  14. n. Banners.
  15. o. Ads (magazine, and other).
  16. p. Newsletters and Press Releases.

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