Have you ever wondered why you’re not able to generate leads even after spending a huge amount of money and time in building your website? You aren’t the only one who is going through this. There are hundreds of other organizations and businesses that are facing the same problem like you.

What are you doing wrong?
It is pretty obvious you have goofed up somewhere but finding out where exactly you have gone wrong can be troubling. Here are a few ideas of where you might have gone wrong:

1.Your content is crap! Sometimes what happens is, you spend hours coming up with content that is difficult to understand or that’s too lengthy. Users on the web like content that is short and crisp and easy to scan through. Don’t put in unnecessary words or jargons that no one will understand. Do not use unnecessary keywords that have nothing to do with your business. This way the users will not rely on you for future reference. Also, make sure the links to your website are effective. If you link users to your website that isn’t functional, you’ll lose credibility and potential customers. In case you need help with creating a functional website you should check us out. We are the best web development company in Delhi.
2.You’re targeting the wrong people The base of building a strong conversion rate is to understand who your target audience is. Don’t randomly select your target audience. Do intensive marketing research on who your target might be. Ask yourself if your product or service is relevant to the target you chose. If you’re an e-zine agency and your ezine is related to girly issues, please do not target men. Choose an age group of women and if you’re charging a subscription fee, make sure you target women who can afford it also. Also, don’t choose one medium to target your audience, Facebook promotion alone won’t help you achieve your goals.
3.You guide your leads to an e-mail subscription but you don’t update your newsletters. If you’ve managed to come this far as to lead users to an e-mail subscription, don’t leave them hanging after that. Bombard your leads with updates about new and improved products that your company has to offer. Or send them updates on discounts and substitute products that are cheaper. Also make sure you don’t send too many newsletters in a week or day.
4.Don’t ignore your loyal customers.Sometimes what happens is, companies pay more attention to new customers and offer them more discounts to keep them glued to your site. You should keep your loyal customers in the loop too. If you treat them like kings, they’ll treat you like their equal but if you ignore them then you’ll end up losing them to another brand or company. Reward your loyal customers for remaining loyal to your brand year after year. Social media marketing is another important aspect to attracting potential customers. If you’re having trouble generating leads, contact us. We’re one of the best social media agencies in Delhi and can help add colour to your business.
5.Don’t sell things to only make money. Add value to your products Everyone wants to fill their bank accounts with money but don’t oversee adding value to your products, services or brand. Don’t spend hours coming up with ways to make profits. Think how your product or service can help your customers. Remember Quality beats Quantity. Offer your customers the best quality. Don’t promise to deliver the best then end up giving them something of bad quality.
There are many reasons why your website may be losing traffic. Keep in mind to add relevant keywords and content to your site. Also establish a proper relationship with your customers and offer them quality products and services if you want to drive traffic to your site. If you’re in need of digital strategies and solutions, you should contact Code Rang. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi
6.Survey emails are like feedback forms. Through such emails, a company can find out what a customer wants or needs.
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