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Do you want to gain better visibility, recognition or traffic online but don’t you know which platform to use? Or have you already tried everything and failed at it? Well, here’s the thing- campaigns on Facebook are more effective than you think.

This era is all about digital marketing and branding. No matter which site you go on you’ll see pop-up ads or banner ads or campaigns spreading like wildfire.

Today’s blog is aimed at newbies for carrying out campaigns or ads on this platform. I’ll be breaking down the steps with images so that the process becomes easy for you to understand.

Before I start, I would like to tell you the campaigns/ads are all paid. There are also a few benefits associated with carrying out paid campaigns such as:

  1. You get to reach more people
  2. You get to set your target audience
  3. You can decide the minimum cost per lead/conversion
  4. You can decide at what time of the day your ads should be placed
  5. You can flaunt your creatives
  6. You get to test what works and what doesn’t
  7. You also reach different devices
  8. You can study your advertisement’s metrics too

Creating ads or campaigns on Facebook isn’t rocket science. You just need to make use of your brain and strategically map out your segmentation details, which products to showcase and how to creatively yet effectively put your product or services out there.

Great marketers, especially digital marketers know what results they want and thus revolve their whole ad strategy around the ad/ campaign.

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:


  1. If you don’t already have a business page, create one. When you log in to your account on the right side of the screen you will see the option of creating a page. Click on it then give your page a name and start managing your posts.

Note: You get to decide whether you want a public group or a closed group.

Create page iimt

  1. Once you’ve created your page, click on create ad. You can either select the option of creating an ad from the drop down menu that’s on the right of your privacy shortcuts or go to the left tab of your home page.

create ads iimt

  1. After clicking on create ads you’re presented with options for your campaign. You get to choose to choose from the following:
  • Boost your page
  • Send people to your site
  • endorse your page
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase conversions on your site
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Raise turnout at your event
  • Reach people near your business
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Collect leads for your business
  • Get Views on your video

ads iimt

If you click on’ collect leads’ then here’s what you’ll be presented with


iimt leads

leads ads 2 iimt


Basically, you are presented with the options of choosing a page on which you would like to integrate your ads on. Once you’ve set that, you can choose your target audience’s location, age group, activities they like, target them based on their interests, choose which language you’d like your ad to be in and so forth.

The detailed targeting option allows you to choose your audience based on the following:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • And additional categories
  • Your Demographics allows you to choose education, ethnic affinity, politics, relationship, and work
  • Interests include subtopics like family & entertainment, hobbies, food and drink, shopping & fashion, business & industry, Technology and Sports.

demographs iimt

  • Behavior includes aspects like digital activities, mobile users, travel, seasonal & events, expats and consumer classification.
  • In more categories, you will find additional categories that the platform offers.


All you need to do now is click ‘continue’.  After you’ve clicked ‘continue’, you will be presented with an option of adding an image, multiple images or a video as your ad’s cover.

iimt new ad

A headline, description, link and also your CTA (Call to action) option like apply now, read more,  Sign up and so forth are available too.

Did you know? Adding CTA is more likely to get you a response than an ad with no CTA.

Once you’ve filled out all the important details, you can click on ‘Place Order’

Keep in mind that when you’re uploading an image that it meets the text to image ratio requirement. The text can only take up 20% of the image not more or else your ad won’t be able to get the response it deserves.


Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about the text overlay rule

  1. How much text is accepted on an image?
  2. How much text is permissible on the ‘announcement’?

Your ad can only have 20% text and 80% visuals. If you exceed the limit you will face problems like your reach may be low or your ad may not run at all. Generally, ads with little to no text are accepted at a jiffy. You’re already given the option of adding a headline, a description, adding a link source and adding other valuable text that’s not placed on the ad’s picture.


  1. What can I do to tone down the amount of text?

You are already given space to place a heading, subhead and description about your ad that’s not being placed on your image. Try doing that instead of placing text on your images or visuals. The least you could do is place your logo or contact details on the image but not more than that.

Or you could simply use a small font size if you ‘have’ to have text on it.If you want to see whether your image makes the cut, simply go to Ads> tools> text overlay to check if you meet the criteria.

Facebook text to image ratio

Here is what happens if you upload an image with heavy text (or large font size). Now, in the screenshot above, I’ve uploaded another image with little text and here is the feedback.

After your ad has met its exposure period, you can check the status of it. Reach, budget, CTR, Impressions, Results etc can be measured here in a jiffy and you can also download your reports in PDF format or transfer it to excel.

facebook campaign report

You’ve got to go on manage ads then your Ad page will open up. From there click on the drop down menu on the top left of the page. Options like ads manager, power editor, billing & payment methods and ads reporting are visible.

There you have it- the breakdown to running a campaign. Stay tuned for our blog next week on how to generate comments on your blogs.  For Facebook promotion or other digital branding solutions give us a call or drop us a message.

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