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Many frown at the thought of updating their current company website but many forget that an updated website leads to more credibility.

Does an enthralling website design really matter?

Your website design is a substructure for your visitors and potential customers.

This is your chance to generate business and despite major skepticism, a profusion of studies show that a well-built website generates more traffic and improved UI is proven to increase conversions.

Coderang, the best web design company in Delhi understands the ins and outs of an effective web design and ensures to brighten up your design to lure in more visitors as well as leads.

How Does a Website design drive conversions?

There are quite a few factors associated with this question. Let us take a look at these factors

  1. Better or easy navigation allows you to create a good impression on visitors as well as potential customers. Navigation is the first and most important aspect of a good website design.

Navigation mainly includes a navigation bar or a list of labels that sets you apart from other sites.

Note: Good navigation is easy to find and understand which makes it easier and quicker for a visitor to browse through the whole website.

  1. It offers Brand Consistency

Every company has a logo to set them apart from their competition but to add more value to your logo you should use it wherever possible. Even if you are placing an ad in the newspaper you should make use of your logo to establish your name.

  1. Keep Appropriate Reading Patterns

Many of us are comfortable reading a web page the same way we read a book viz from left to right, top to bottom. Experts recommend using the same pattern when designing a website or page. This will make it easier for readers to read your content without getting baffled where to begin and end.

You should also keep in mind to place the most important information in the first paragraph of your content because many on-line users like taking a small glimpse of your content. If it is interesting enough, one might consider reading the whole thing but there’s no guarantee your content ‘floats’ your reader’s boat.

Note: SEO is also improved if you place the most important information or relevant information on the top left paragraph in the first column. When important company-related keywords are placed into HTML text then search engines can easily crawl your website and improve overall visibility through SEO. You can avail SEO services in Delhi at Coderang .We ensure to pull your brand out from the crowd.

Content Is Crucial

The content of your site is supposed to communicate your company’s brand, its position and brand promise. There are other crucial elements that are considered when a copywriter or content writer comes up with creative content. These elements include keeping your content short and crisp, informative, to the point, relevant, unbiased, and engaging. Too much text on a page only causes clutter and is very unappealing.


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