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We all know what a blog is but the power behind a blog itself is not known to man. If your blog is good, to the point and informative then it could do wonders for your business, brand or site but if it lacks information, structure and purpose then no one will bother reading your blog.

According to Joe Pulizzi from Content marketing institute, a business blog or a company’s blog in general, is important because it is the most optimal choice for your content marketing hub. In today’s content-driven world, whilst you are viewing yourself as a marketer, you’re really a publisher. You have to provide appropriate content for your audience, customers, and the public, who spend several hours on multiple social media platforms.

The purpose of writing blogs
It doesn’t really matter what kind of blog you write, as long as your blog has meaning and can help you attain your goal. Don’t be writing blogs for the sake of writing them. Have a purpose. Do you want to inform your audience about something new and useful that is happening at your firm or do you want to inform them about new schemes or projects you want to launch? Is your audience going to benefit from it? Whatever the reason behind your blog, make sure you engage with your audience and trigger a response from each one of them. A blog is meant as a platform to share, connect and develop ideas or information.
Advantages of blogs
1) It helps drive traffic to your website. Don’t be startled at first if you don’t receive many followers or a large number of visitors. It takes time to build a consumer base but make sure your content is strong enough to engage visitors and attract new ones. Everyone wants traffic on their website and sometimes many fail at this. What you could do to attract people to your site is either pay for traffic by placing ads on tons of sites (but that costs money) or you could have your friends share your blog or page on social media. Blogging is a great way to get discovered through social media. Whenever you are writing a blog, you allow your audience and friends to share your business posts on networking sites like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, which helps expose your business to a new audience. You need to be regular with your blogs and unique. Don’t bore people with things they already know. Spice up your blogs, intrigue them and get them hooked. Give them a reason to visit your website. Most bloggers update their blogs every day or twice weekly to maintain audience loyalty. Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website. This means there is more opportunity for you to show up in search engines organically and drive traffic to your website. So, the first benefit of blogging is basically that it works closely with search engines and it also helps drive new traffic to your website.

2) It helps convert traffic into leads. Each post of yours is an opportunity to generate new leads. All you need to do is implement the marketing strategy of CTA (Call-to-action) on every single one of your blogs. Often, these calls-to-action lead to things like free trials, free whitepapers, newsletters, etc.

3) It helps establish authority. Good business blogs answer common questions their leads and customers have. If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your target customer or audience, it’ll help establish you as an authority in their eyes. Establishing authority doesn’t necessarily mean you’re creating traffic and leads, but it’s a powerful tool.
Other / Secondary Benefits of Business Blogging

Many businesses use blogs to test campaigns before actually investing a huge amount of time, money and resources into them. Blogs are also great outlets for Press Release information like informing your audience about new products and services or events you’re going to host. It’s advised to create your own audience/ customer base on your own platform instead of relying on journalists or the press. If you’re looking for content that’s strong and effective or SEO/SMO services, CodeRang can help you. We’re a 360-degree digital agency offering an array of services.

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