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There are numerous Smartphone users all around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Germany, France, Atlanta or Kansas everyone is a proud owner of a Smartphone and because surfing the net on the phone has become fairly easy and preferred by all, it would be smart to make your website mobile friendly.

There’s another reason you should be considering to make your site mobile friendly- Google’s Algorithm ranks such sites better on Search Engines. This algorithm was introduced in 2015 to allow businesses with mobile-friendly sites to rank better and those with that weren’t mobile friendly went down in ranking.

Countries like Japan, China, India, US, Indonesia, Russia and Bangladesh and hundreds and thousands of mobile users with hundreds of users adding to the list every day and Google kept this factor in mind when they decided to launch it.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Many people today still don’t know how to check if their site is phone friendly or friendly on other devices. There’s a way you can find out. Google offers a tool that is free. Google’s webmaster tool gives you the option of testing or figuring out whether your site meets the criteria.

The link to Google’s tool is marked in the top most box in the image given below.

Webmaster link  (1)

To check whether your website is mobile friendly or not you could log in to webmaster. Here’s a peek…

Mobile Friendly Webmaster

It is advised for all brands to have an account to get better insight to all activities.

There are 4 reasons you should be having a mobile friendly/ receptive site:

  1. There are millions of Smartphone users who carry out 80% of their online activities through their phone. Hundreds and thousands of users are being added to the list every week so don’t overlook this part. Visitors like to access their site anytime, anywhere. With a Smartphone and internet connection, one can do so. Don’t rob users from that privilege.
  2. You get positive Word of mouth if you give users a positive experience
  3. Users won’t visit your site again if you don’t provide them with good UX
  4. Google or other search Engines Will penalize you

 If you want to create a mobile website there are generally two methods

A receptive design is one that is coded to meet all size requirements on different devices.

A phone template, on the other hand, is a mobile-only website or subdomain and isn’t built on size requirements.

Let us not confuse phone responsive with mobile friendly. There is a difference between the two. Mobile friendly means your site is viewable on mobile devices and the UI/UX (navigation, icons, elements) are friendly to use.

To check responsiveness you can also check out StudioPress. This site will tell you whether or not your site is responsive on various devices and resolutions.

website responsiveness

Scroll down on each of these widths and see if your logos or elements are being cut or out of frame.

What are you waiting for? Make your site mobile responsive and friendly! It would be wise for you to do so because if you don’t you won’t stand a chance against brands that are implementing this strategy.

For queries regarding this, drop us a mail or comment below. I hope this blog was helpful.

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